Our purchasing portfolio is composed of:

  • cold and hot rolled steel coils from steel and stainless steel                                                                       
  • Coils of nonferrous metals
  • Tool Steel
  • Shelves
  • Standard Parts
  • Cutting oils and lubricants
  • surface finishes of any kind

Application as Supplier

Connected with the aim to meet the highest quality requirements of our customers, we focus on processing high-quality raw materials and products. This enables us to expand exclusively and sustainable long-term cooperation with our suppliers and our supply chain.

We choose our suppliers carefully, based on objective criteria and rely on continuous and trustful cooperation. Optimization our supply chain is our constant endeavor. Therefore we need suppliers who fulfill our requirements in every respect and are willing to develop together with us.

Our quality management system and certification according to DIN ISO 16949 and ISO 14001 form the basis of our business relationship

For a good working relationship, we expect our suppliersReliability and performance orientation

  • Quality Awareness
  • punctuality and flexibility
  • ethically correct action
  • Support in the development of technical solutions
  • interest in a long-term business relationship
  • ability of the use of special logistic concepts
  • Independence

The supplier qualification is used to assess a suitable supplier. Before you are approved as a supplier, certain control processes must be respected.

Supplier Self-Disclosure

Quality Assurance Agreement

Secrecy Obligation

Purchasing Conditions